My ethics are 

to the best of my ability render a faithful translation of the source text, this shall apply to both meaning and register except where a literal rendering or a summary is specifically required by the Principal;

to always act with integrity and in accordance with the high standards appropriate to the profession; 

to be of good character and not bring the status of my Principals or the profession generally into disrepute; 

not to accept or carry out work which I believe might render myself liable to prosecution for criminal behaviour, which might incur civil liability or which contravenes the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; 

to only accept work which I believe I have the competence both linguistically and in terms of specialist knowledge or skill to carry out to the standard required by the Principal;

to guarantee that the competence to carry out a particular assignment includes a sufficiently advanced and idiomatic command of the languages concerned, with awareness of dialects and other linguistic variations that may be relevant to a particular commission of work; the particular specialist skills required; and, where appropriate, an adequate level of awareness of relevant cultural and political realities in relation to the country or countries concerned

to disclose any potential conflict of interest or other factor which may make it inappropriate for me to accept work in a particular case;

to act impartially at all times and not act in any way that might result in prejudice or preference on grounds of religion or belief, race, politics, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability otherwise than as obliged to in order faithfully to translate, interpret or otherwise transfer meaning;

to respect confidentiality at all times and not seek to take advantage of information acquired during or as a result of my work (the duty of confidentiality shall not terminate on the completion of a commission of work and shall persist, where appropriate);

to endeavour to complete work by agreed dates and in accordance with other agreed terms, and to advise Principals in good time of any delay or need to amend the agreed terms;

not to, other than in exceptional circumstances, withdraw from or fail to complete a commission of work once accepted, without reasonable notice to the Principal;

to use my best endeavours and judgement to draw it to the attention of the Principal by appropriate means when the source text contains elements that need to be taken into account in carrying out the translation, such as ambiguities, factual inaccuracies, linguistic errors, imprecise terminology or language that in my judgement expresses prejudice with reference to generally accepted antidiscrimination norms.